Latest Annual Events

Pra-Musyawarah Nasional & ALSA Leadership Training (PALT)

Pre-National Assembly and ALSA Leadership Training XXIII or better known as PALT is one of the national event in ALSA Indonesia which consists of two separated delegations, namely the delegations for Pre-National Assembly and the delegations for ALSA Leadership Training.

For the year 2016, PALT was held in September 26th-29th, 2016 and took place in Jakarta and Depok, held by ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia.

 The main agenda of this event is the discussion forum, where the result of the forum will be the guideline for the National Assembly. There are very many things to discuss in PALT, for instance Local Chapter reports, National Event Report, and the most important is the mid-year accountability report of the National Board. The mid-year accountability report agenda consist of the presentation by each position, and followed by the question and answer session.

 At the end of the event, there also was a city trip around Jakarta.

Event Details

  • Host: ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Indonesia
  • Venue: Depok & Jakarta
  • Date: 26th-29th September 2017
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