ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran

ALSA Local Chapter Universitas Padjadjaran

Established on 1989 which means has been more than 25 years, ALSA LC UNPAD continually developing its programs and activities. With “To live as a home that could breed characters with integrity” as the vision, ALSA LC UNPAD manage to realize a comfortable yet solemn community to share to.

ALSA LC UNPAD were not made as usual community, ALSA LC UNPAD is a place where you can share many ideas. ALSA LC UNPAD will encourage all the member quality on academic and non-academic field, giving appreciation towards each individual’s contribution, establishing a good external and internal bureaucracy coordination, revitalizing member perpetuation service, and of course ALSA LC UNPAD will be every member’s persuasive and cooperative partner in external and internal field.

Beside of its vision and objectives, ALSA LC UNPAD helps you develops your leadership, teamwork, skills, and friendship as a bonus. ALSA LC UNPAD is like a gigantic model of a company where you come in to sit, discussing about something, share your opinion, listening to others opinion, learning everything from each other, giving encouragement to each other, and when time comes you will be ready for the real one.

Within the years we have spent together, ALSA LC UNPAD would breathe as a poem that you’d write in your heart, not a paper.

Local Chapters Detail

Director: Ricardo Yohanes Oliver Sitorus
Location: Bandung, Indonesia


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